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KUK SOOL WON in Ontario

Route 104 in Ontario

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Master Gary Evarts opened the Webster school in 1988 and then moved to his current location, Ontario, in 2010. Master Gary  continues to train and advance his instructors and students in the art of KUK SOOL WON .

The Ontario location is on route 104 across from the big windmills  and has plenty of parking.


Tiny Tigers and Little Dragons


Our Tiny Tigers and Little Dragons Programs are especially designed for young children between the ages of 4 and 8.

Tigers and Dragons classes are instructed by PSBN Jason Lee

Class Times are Monday And Wednesdays,

  • Tigers     4:30-5:00
  • Dragons 5:00-5:30


School hours

Call: (585)216-2122

Full School Schedule.

Juniors Classes


Junior classes for Kids 8-12 offer just the right amount of training mixed with drills to keep your children moving and learning. Kids that take martial arts do better in all aspects of life.

  • Deal with bullying
  • Coordination
  • The Value of hard work
  • Dicipline
  • Mental Toughness
  • Focus
  • Confidence
  • And much more….

Kuk Sool Won Students learn the basic leadership skills that will help them develop into positive people in our community.

Teeny Tiny Tigers

Teeny Tiny Tiger calsses start Tuesday January 2nd at 8:30am.

This parent/Child class is designed to teach your pre-school aged children skills to prepare them for school life and possible future in martial arts.

Etiquette, balance and proper body movements will help your child(and you) begin a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Classes meet once per week for 30 min.

For costs and enrollment choices please fill out the online form below or call the school.

Ask for Jason!

Family Classes


Family classes are a fantastic way to get in shape and learn some great moves with your entire family.

We have discount rates for additional family members. So if your child is taking class, why not you too?

Call or e-mail us for more information today!


School hours

Call: (585)216-2122




If you would like us to call you, then feel free to fill out the form below.

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Ontario Instructors







SBN Jason Lee

SBN Jason Lee

4th Degree Instructor

3rd Degree Black Belt

Tigers,Dragons, Kids , adults and morning classes

JDKJN Gary Evarts

JDKJN Gary Evarts

7th Degree Master Instructor

7th Degree Black Belt

Master and school owner







KSN Aubrey Huber

KSN Aubrey Huber

2nd Degree Instructor

1st Degree Black Belt

Juniors and adult classes







KSN Tylor Deskins

KSN Tylor Deskins

2nd Degree Instructor

2nd Degree Black Belt

Teen Mixed age family classes

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