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Kuk Sool Won uniforms — or dobok — are standardized, and consists of black medium weight martial arts pants and martial arts training top. The uniform material is stronger than a standard Tae Kwon Do uniform, but lighter than a Judo uniform, as it must allow the user to perform the complete spectrum of martial arts techniques.

Reflecting the traditions and culture of its native country, Korea, all Kuk Sool Won uniforms are black. In Korean culture, black represents wisdom, whereas white is a color associated with death.

Three types of Kuk Sool Won uniforms

Practice Uniform: This is the most used uniform of Kuk Sool practitioners. It contains just the basic dobok, but also has several patches which may very slightly from practitioner to practitioner. In general, a vertical Kuk Sool Won patch written in Korean is worn over the right breast, while a South Korean national flag patch is worn over the left breast. The back of the uniform often has Kuk Sool Won written in either English or Korean, with a Kuk Sool Won logo patch and the WKSA emblem in the middle of the back. These patches are also present on every type of Kuk Sool Won uniform.

Black Belt Uniform: This uniform is a practice uniform with a yellow frill attached to a longer top skirt. It may only be worn by 1st degree black belts and above. The Instructor’s Uniform is a variation of the Black Belt Uniform and lacks the yellow fringe. Naturally, it is only worn by instructors or assistant instructors.

Generals Uniform: This uniform is for formal occasions which include demonstrations, promotions, testings and competitions. The uniform itself is modeled after the armor and uniforms worn by ancient Korean generals. Like the Black Belt uniform, it contains a longer skirted top which is cut into sections. The sleeves are held tight against the wearer’s wrists and a scarf is worn underneath with an emblem on the throat.

There is no belt with the generals uniform, and rank is denominated by the decorative outline or trim on the uniform in addition to the color scarf and emblem displayed.

Generals Uniform by Rank


First & Second Dahn
Silver Trim with White Scarf, Korean Flag Emblem


Third Dahn
Silver Trim with White Scarf, WKSA Emblem[/twocol_one_last]


Fourth Dahn
Silver/Red Trim with White Scarf, WKSA Emblem


Fifth Dahn
Red Trim with White Scarf, WKSA Emblem[/twocol_one_last]


Sixth Dahn
Red Trim with Red Scarf, WKSA Emblem


Seventh Dahn
Red/Gold Trim with Red Scarf, WKSA Emblem[/twocol_one_last]


Eighth Dahn
Red/Gold Trim with Gold Scarf, WKSA Emblem

Ninth Dahn
Gold Trim with Gold Scarf, WKSA Emblem

All Gold Dobok[/twocol_one_last]