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The World Kuk Sool Association®

Kuk Sool Won is a registered trademark in every state in the United States. Every Kuk Sool Won school in the United States is registered and certified by the World Kuk Sool Association® (WKSA), which is the largest organization of it’s type in the world. The curriculum must follow the Association guidelines and the instructor/schoolowner must be personally certified by the Founder and Grandmaster of our system. All three Rochester-area Kuk Sool Won schools are registered members of the World Kuk Sool Association.

When you enroll at Greater Rochester Kuk Sool Won you are also issued a membership number with the World Kuk Sool Association that will never expire. You will never have to “join” the Association again if you move to another school, and your rank is kept on file so that even if you stop taking classes for a while you will be able to keep your previous rank when you return.

There are over 150 official Kuk Sool Won schools and clubs in the United States alone, with additional school in Canada, South America, Great Britain, Europe, the Middle East, Japan and Korea. Thus, if you move to another area and find a Kuk Sool Won school there, not only would you be able to maintain your current rank, you would also know exactly the same material as every other student at your level in your new school.

More information on the World Kuk Sool Association can be found at the official web site.