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So you’re interested in studying Kuk Sool Won?

If you haven’t done so already, spend some time on this site exploring the history of Kuk Sool and our numerous blog postings. Once you’re familiar with the background of Kuk Sool Won and the kinds of things you’re going to learn, we suggest that you drop by one of our training centers to observe a class. This will give you a chance to see the interaction between our students and instructors and see what classes would be like for you. In addition, this will also give you an opportunity to speak with an instructor, who will be happy to answer any questions that you might have.

When you arrive, please let us know that you are here to observe a class so that we can answer questions that you might have as they arise – before, during or after class.

Master Gary spear attack

Free Trial Class

If you would like to try a FREE TRIAL CLASS with a black belt instructor, please give us a call ahead of time or send us an email and we will be happy to schedule a time for you. There is no cost or obligation for a free trial class, and we have found that hands-on exposure is the best way to communicate the benefits and the differences between our program and other martial arts in the area.

Initial Enrollment

When you decided to sign up, we will be happy to go over our current prices and promotions and you will be asked to fill out a small amount of paperwork. Once the paperwork and the Initial Enrollment Fee has been taken care of, you will be provided with a Martial Arts Student Uniform and a class schedule.

During your first few classes, one of our certified Black Belt instructors will be readily available to help you through any challenges you might have. Furthermore, you’ll find all of your classmates are will be very supportive and will help your assimilation into a regular class structure. We encourage your questions and comments during this time. You’ll be surprised just how quickly you start to learn new things!

Choosing a Martial Arts School


  • Compare different schools and remember that not all martial arts schools are the same.  You should try to find one that completely suits your needs.
  • Talk to the Instructor and ask questions. But more importantly, be sure to talk to other students and (if you are looking for a program for your child) other parents. Ask them specific questions. If they are happy with the program, they will be glad to give you any information that you need
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for specifics. For example, try asking “what weapons do you teach? When does this instruction begin?” versus “do you  teach weapons?”
  • Look for nationally recognized affiliations. Without a larger affiliation, any rank that you receive may be meaningless if you move to another area or school (for example, the World Kuk Sool Association sets the curriculum and issues rank certification for hundreds of affiliated schools worldwide!)
  • Pay attention to how the Instructor teaches — a black belt may be a world champion, but still be a poor teacher. Don’t be overly impressed by titles or (often inflated) credentials.
  • Always ask to view — or even better, PARTICIPATE IN — a trial class before you make a decision.
  • REMEMBER: Take your time in choosing a reputable school and instructor and always consider your choice for the long term.

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