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Kuk Sool Rope Technique

As a Martial Arts system, Kuk Sool Won covers the entire spectrum of the traditional Asian fighting arts and techniques of body conditioning, as well as mental development and traditional weapons training. These include ( but are not limited to):

Hand Striking:

  • Closed and open hand striking methods: including palm, wrist, finger striking techniques and specialized hand training techniques
  • Pressure point striking
  • Striking using arm and shoulder
  • Blocking and parrying

Leg Techniques:

  • Foundational kicks
  • Spinning kicks
  • Jumping kicks
  • Combination kicks
  • Double leg kicks
  • Pressure point kicking
  • Specialty kicking

Throwing and Grappling:

  • Body throws
  • Projection throws
  • Leg throws
  • Pressure point grappling
  • Grappling defense
  • Wrestling techniques
  • Ground fighting
  • Control and redirection techniques

Joint-Locking Techniques:

  • Restraining methods
  • Joint breaking techniques
  • Combination joint locking
  • Control and redirection techniques
  • Arresting and “come along” techniques

Falling Techniques and Acrobatics:

  • Body conditioning and agility techniques
  • Body protection techniques
  • Acrobatics for defense and offense

Body Conditioning:

  • Overall stretching and flexibility training
  • Cardiovascular conditioning
  • Muscle toning
  • Ligament and tendon strengthening
  • Joint flexibility and conditioning

Animal-Style Techniques:

  • Techniques based on movements and/or characteristics of certain “martial” animals such as Tiger, Praying Mantis, Crane, Dragon, Bear, etc.

Master Gary Evarts Sword FormTraditional Korean Weapons:

  • Bong, Long and middle length staff
  • Straight sword
  • Inverted sword
  • Double sword
  • Double short sword
  • Jool bong (nunchaku)
  • Short stick
  • Double short stick
  • Spear
  • Cane
  • Rope
  • Folding fan
  • And much more (there are 24 different traditional Korean Royal Court weapons in the curriculum)

Martial Art Healing Methods:

  • Acupressure
  • Acupuncture
  • Internal energy systems
  • Herbal medicine
  • Meditation and Breathing
  • Various breath control techniques
  • Meditation and breathing postures
  • Concentration techniques

More importantly, Kuk Sool has a wide range of responses to an attack. They go from avoiding, to the merely controlling, to the painful, to the injuring, to the deadly. An important part of the philosophy behind Kuk Sool is that one meets an attack with an equal response. If someone grabs your shirt, the only response some people know is to break their knees with a kick. Kuk Sool considers such a response inappropriate. In Kuk Sool one learns that small threats can be met with small responses which will probably avert further trouble without causing more problems than they solve.