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About Kuk Sool Won

Master Evarts and black belts weapons training

Kuk Sool is the most complete Martial Arts System in the Rochester region, emphasizing self-discipline, respect, and education first! Kuk Sool is not a sport, nor is it simply another Asian self defense method. Kuk Sool is a complete martial arts system that is dedicated to the cultivation of mental and physical strength and well-being, and to the preservation of traditional Korean Martial Arts. Because of the media exposure of other arts, people seem to be much more familiar with them than they are with Kuk Sool Won. But make no mistake: Kuk Sool Won is a worldwide association, with thousands of members and hundreds of schools throughout the world.

The product of 31 indigenous styles of Korean martial arts from the three primary cultural sub-groups: Family Martial Arts, Buddhist Temple Martial Arts and Royal Palace Martial Arts, Kuk Sool Won offers a perspective and curriculum of martial arts training that is not available anywhere else.

The techniques in Kuk Sool Won are, indeed, “ancient” — drawn from hundreds of years of Korean martial arts history (researched and compiled personally by our founder, Grandmaster Suh In Hyuk).

The art of “Kuk Sool” (which literally means “National Martial Art”) was first developed in the late 1950’s in Korea, but the actual system of “Kuk Sool Won”, was founded in the early 1960’s. Putting together a complex and comprehensive system of forms and techniques based on historical Korean martial arts and containing techniques from all of the indigenous martial arts of Korea, it was Grandmaster Suh’s intent to “return” their martial arts history to the Korean people by bringing together techniques that had been practiced in secret for many years (and in some cases almost lost forever).

Because of this, even though the style itself is relatively new, Kuk Sool Won is often described as a “living history of the Korean martial arts” and represents the most comprehensive system of traditional Korean martial arts in the world today. You can read up more on the history of Kuk Sool Won on our history page.

The Kuk Sool Won Curriculum

Kuk Sool Won is a complete martial arts system and includes aspects of all traditional Asian fighting methods in its curriculum: Striking and kicking, throwing and grappling, joint-locking and arresting techniques, pressure point striking and manipulation, techniques based on the movements of certain “martial” animals (such as the tiger, crane, preying mantis, etc.), falling techniques and martial arts gymnastics, body protection and internal development, traditional Korean forms and dozens of traditional Korean weapons (including the sword, staff, cane, spear, rope, and fan, which is shown below). Containing 3608 techniques, Kuk Sool Won appeals to the beginner and the advanced practitioner alike, and has been described as a “graduate level” martial arts program. Our syllabus pages on the white-brown belt curriculum and the black belt curriculum give you an idea of just how extensive Kuk Sool is!

Master Gary Fan Techniques

The Kuk Sool Won Philosophy

Kuk Sool Won is distinguished from other arts by being a “hard-soft” system with techniques that are very flowing and circular, pleasing to the eye but devastating to an attacker as the Kuk Sool practitioner uses these soft, circular movements to redirect and upset the attacker’s balance and equilibrium before applying a counter technique to one of the hundreds of sensitive joints and pressure points they are trained to attack. This “hard-soft” philosophy is embodied in the 3 Principles that guide all Kuk Sool techniques: Yu-Won-Hwa (Soft/Yielding-Circular-Harmony/Blending). Not only does this philosophy of “hard-soft” lend itself to very effective defensive techniques, it also allows the practitioner to develop a more relaxed and refined power and to develop and maintain a high level of health.

Why Study Martial Arts?

Martial arts training strengthens and stretches your muscles, your intellect, your spirit, and your confidence. It is a positive, healthy activity that involves the pursuit of challenging goals through diligence and self-discipline. It is also a community-minded, family-friendly activity in which adults have the opportunity to set an example of proper behavior and values for our children.

Kuk Sool training burns fat, builds muscle, increases energy, stretches tissues and joints and teaches you respect, discipline and modesty. Kuk Sool gives you the ability to defense yourself and provides you with the confidence to walk proudly in life.

Joining Kuk Sool

From Beginner to Black Belt, Kuk Sool Won has a program for everyone, whether you’re 12, 21 or 61! You don’t need prior martial arts training and don’t need to be in perfect shape. Our classes are designed from the ground up to help you become stronger, both mentally and physically.

Greater Rochester Kuk Sool Won offers you the very best value around for your martial arts dollar — great instructors, spacious and modern training facilities, a superior martial arts system and the camaraderie and support of fellow students. In fact we offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE to that effect: If, during your first month of training with us, you find any other school in the area that offers a more complete and comprehensive martial arts program, then we will gladly refund your money.

Stop in any of our three training centers today and give us a try. Your first class is absolutely free, and includes a one-on-one lesson with a Black Belt instructor.

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