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The Korean martial art of Kuk Sool Won, translated as national martial arts association, was introduced in New York in 1979 by master Gary Evarts. The first school was in Clyde, followed by Williamson, Wolcott, and Webster.

    The most modern, and one of the largest martial arts facilities is just outside of Webster on Route 104 next to Bill Grays. As the head executive master in the New England area, Master Evarts oversees the functions of any Kuk Sool school in New England. He has promoted nearly 300 black belt students that are very generous supporting their communities and families. A focus of Kuk Sool students is to give back to their community in any way possible. Through the practice of martial arts, they are inspired to be better martial artists and better human beings. As Kuk Sool grew, so did Master Evarts. He has been recognized throughout the world including National and World Champion in self-defense, forms, and weapons in 1990, 1992 and 1993.   

 He has been featured on television here in Rochester, in Scotland and in South Korea and was featured in a 12-page cover story the Tae Kwon Do Times, a worldwide martial arts magazine. Master Evarts has trained Olympic bobsled and luge teams in coordination, agility, strengthening and focus and was inducted into the Wayne County Sports Hall of Fame in 2017.

A most rewarding result of being in business for 40 years is that Master Evarts daughter, now living in New York City, continues with the education of women in safety awareness and self-defense. His goal is to have his students own a school and continue the traditional training of Kuk Sool Won, a business that promotes a lifestyle that puts others before themselves.

     Congratulations to Master Gary Evarts for 40 years in the business of teaching!

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