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Nicholas receives his Blue belt from Master Gary Evarts in 2005

When I was watching my son in Tigers class back in January of  2005 , I thought “this is great, he will have some really cool memories of this and maybe he will even stick with it”  My son at the time was 5 years old and he just didn’t take to the typical sports offered at the schools. He would kind of do the tasks but then lost interest.

So I found we had this martial arts school in town, the only one within miles, called Kuk Sool Won. I never heard of this before and wondered if its reach was beyond our town borders.  I got Nicholas in the tigers program and found he loved it , the challenge , the cool stuff you learned and the instructors were great. Every Wednesday I would take him to class and I would watch him do his thing.

Nicholas and I after Super Seminar with Master Darren Hart

And every Wednesday the instructor would say to me:“ Are you ready to try it?”

“Yeah Right! And do cartwheels and falling, plus all those punches and stuff, I’m 35 years old, I can’t do all that stuff!”

This went on for several weeks, until I finally caved in and tried a week, then I signed up for 6 weeks, I then jumped into a year contract, all with the line in my head “Well I can quit if it gets too much” I never thought it would have changed my life in so many ways.

My son was able to enroll with me at the age of 6, and we started going every night, I found out that this Kuk Sool Won Stuff was just what we both were looking for. We had a great father son experience and in no time we were moving up the ranks toward our Black belt, and it turns out we could graduate together if we stuck to practice and classes.  I also found out that Kuk Sool Won is a huge organization with over 300 schools throughout the world, and we were lucky enough to have one in our back yard.

Nicholas and I with the Grand Master

The time went fast, but we kept it up for 4.5 years, and in 2009 we both graduated with our black belts together, Nicholas was 10 and I was 39. I could never imagine how awesome that would be and to this day when I see families graduate together I get goosebumps and even a little bit nostalgic because I know in years to come that this experience will last a lifetime.

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