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Kuk Sool will be holding a Kick-a-Thon during the week of May 11th. 100% of the proceeds will go to the Orr family in Williamson who desperately needs our help. The mother is battling cancer, and the daughter just passed away from an epileptic seizure. We’re going to raise money to help this family by doing 1000 kicks! Click here to download the sponsorship form, and then get your family, friends, and coworkers to pitch in with some donations, and let’s get kickin! Your sponsors can give a flat amount (such as $10), or they can donate on a per-kick basis (such as 1 cent per kick).

Donators are welcome to come to class and watch each school holding their kick-a-thon on different days during the week of the Apple Blossom Festival. More details will be announced in class.

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