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KUK SOOL WON in Williamson

est. in 1987 Main street Williamson NY

PH# (315)589-4066

Master Gary Evarts opened the Williamson school in 1987 , since then he has trained 100s in the art of KUK SOOL WON and many became Black Belts.

The Williamson location has convenient close parking and offers students from 4 – 99 a place to learn KUK SOOL WON in a safe controlled environment.


After School Program


If you are a Williamson resident and your kids are enrolled in the Williamson school , they can be picked up and dropped off right at Kuk Sool Won on main street! Classes start at 3:30 every Monday and Wednesday. Students must be picked up at the Dojang by 4:30 by a parent or legal guardian.

After School is instructed by KSN Tyler Deskins

Call us today (315)589-4066

Tiny Tigers and Little Dragons


Our Tiny Tigers and Little Dragons Programs are especially designed for young children between the ages of 4 and 8.

Tigers and Dragons classes are for ages 4 to 7 instructed by KSN Tom Hordin.

Class Times are Monday And Wednesdays,

  • Tigers     5:15-5:45
  • Dragons 6:45 – 7:15

Full School Schedule. 

Family Classes


What better way to get healthy and start a true family tradition then doing a class together with your whole family. KUK SOOL WON in Williamson has the a great program for you!

Call today to see how you get started on a great adventure.

To set up a free class Call, e-mail , or stop in and see us.

School hours

Call: (315) 589-4066




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Williamson Instructors

KSN Tom Hordin

KSN Tom Hordin

2nd Dahn Instructor

2nd Degree Black Belt

Tigers/Dragons/ and family classes

KSN Tylor Deskins

KSN Tylor Deskins

2nd Degree Instructor

2nd Degree Black Belt

After School Classes

JKN Steve Delaosacruz

JKN Steve Delaosacruz

1st Dahn Instructor

1st Degree Black Belt

Juniors and adult classes

KSN Joe Weinschreider

KSN Joe Weinschreider

2nd Dahn Instructor

2nd Degree Black Belt

Family classes/ Sparring class

Upcoming Events

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