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Social & Community Events

Kuk Sool is more than just martial arts! Part of our commitment is to help kids and adults become better, well-rounded individuals and responsible members of their community. That’s why we offer a series of special events and opportunities for students and parents to get involved!

All of these events will be listed on our whiteboard in the dojahng on on the sidebar of this web site.

Greater Rochester Kuk Sool schools offer:

World Kuk Sool Seminars: Students participate with and learn from our Grandmaster, In Hyuk Suh.

Demonstrations and Parades: Kuk Sool holds a couple large shows and countless demos throughout the year at schools, town fairs, parades, sporting events and community events.

Christmas Tournament: Students compete in tournaments just for their local Kuk Sool students at a local high-school. Everybody is a winner!

Cancer Benefit Tournament: A Kuk Sool tournament where all the proceeds go to a family of a cancer patient. This is one way a student can give back to their community.

Boot Camp: Adult students spend 8-24 hours training in the Martial Arts, developing life-long skills both socially and physically. Tough, but rewarding!

Parent’s Night Out: Usually on a Friday night from 6:00 to 11:00. Children watch movies, play games, eat popcorn, etc.

Parent Workshops: A couple times each year, parents of students will be offered a workshop on the basic material their children are learning and what the expectations are for their children.

Student Workshops: Students are given extra attention in areas of falling, bully awareness, stranger-danger, sparring, etc.

Star Student of the Month: Student who displayes the true virtues of a Kuk Sool student: hard worker, good grades, helps in the community, respectful to others.

Birthday Parties: Includes 1.5 hours of fun. Pizza, cake, and an instructor for a 1/2 hour class in martial arts, 1/2 hour of games, and 1/2 hour for pizza and cake. Cost based on number of people attending. Starting price: $125 for up to 8 people, then $5 per person.

Buddy Nights: Student brings a friend to class or a social event.

Laser Tag Night: This favorite event happens several times each year. The practice area is transformed into a dark maze, where students (and their friends) fight to survive.

Halloween Party: Students compete in costumes and talent show and work their way through the Haunted Maze. Its different (and scarier) every year!

Fund Raisers: Students participate in helping to raise money through candy sales, car washes, pop can drives, etc. to help offset the expense for extra activities, out-of-state tournaments, or school equipment.

Picnics and Go-Kart Parties: For newly-promoted blackbelts and summer competition winners.