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Students from Kuk Sool NY dominated at this year’s Great Lakes Tournament in Kent, Ohio. The Ontario school came in second out of 10 schools, and we had a total of 5 Grand Champions, including KSN Jason Lee, JKN Kelly Farrar, JKN Dustin Jewell, JKN Tom Hordin and JKN Jessie Evarts.

Here are the detailed results from the tournament. A dash (—) indicates that the participant didn’t place. X means the student didn’t participate in the event.

Ontario Dojahng

Student Form Tech Sparring Staff Sword Breaking
Jonathan Schmitt 3rd 2nd — X X X
Stanley Edwards 1st 1st 2nd X X X
Cooper Jackson 4th 2nd X X X X
Karlie DePaul — 4th 1st X X X
Annalise DePaul — 3rd X X X X
Barb DePaul 3rd 1st X X X X
Cody Jackson — — — X X X
Thomas Ramph — — 2nd X X X
Barb Jewell 1st 1st X X X X
Dylan Schmitt — 3rd 3rd X X X
Rich Schmitt — — 1st X X X
Nathan Lee 1st 3rd X X X X
Angelo Pascucci 4th 3rd — X X X
Samuel D’Amico 2nd 1st X X X X
Jackson Tyson — 4th — X X X
Zack LaRue — — 4th X X X
Joseph Saber — — X X X X
Jake Bartosiewicz — — X X X X
Tyler Deskins 1st 1st X 1st X X
William Robertson — — X X X X
Jordan Cohan — 3rd 2nd — X X
Justin Cohan — 2nd 1st — X X
Jake Marchese — — X 4th X X
Aubrey Huber 1st 2nd X 4th X X
Justin MacCarthy 3rd 1st X — X X
Dustin Jewell (Grand Champion) 4th 1st X 4th 2nd X
Ian Fien — — 2nd 4th — X
Dakota Herold X 4th 4th X X X
Kelly Farrar (Grand Champion) 2nd 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st
Matt Jewell — — — — — X
Eric Barr — — X — — X
Tom Elias 3rd 1st X 4th 4th X
Michael Gerenser X 1st X 4th 4th X
Jason Lee (Grand Champion) 2nd 2nd 1st 1st 2nd 1st

Williamson Dojahng

Student Form Tech Sparring Staff Sword Breaking
Kurt Laird 3rd 1st 2nd X X X
Liam De La Osa Cruz — — — X X X
Scott Klinkman — — — X X X
Justin Klinkman 2nd 2nd 1st X X X
Gavin Buehler — — — — X X
Andrew Niles 2nd 2nd 4th — X X
Dustin Secor — — — 3rd X X
Eryn Grell — 2nd 2nd — X X
Eli Schlottman — — 3rd — X X
Marcos De La Osa Cruz — — 4th — X X
Noah Scileppi — — 4th — X X
Steven De La Osa Cruz 1st 1st 4th — X X
Nicholas Hordin — — — — — —
Angelena Barclay — — — — — —
Tom Hordin (Grand Champion) 1st 2nd 3rd 1st 1st 1st
Victoria Barclay 1st 2nd — 3rd 3rd —
Donald Haase — — — 3rd — —
Jared Kinley 4th 4th 4th 1st X X
Jessie Evarts (Grand Champion) 1st 1st 4th 1st 2nd 2nd
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