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Olympic Village training

Kuk Sool Won of Greater Rochester is proud to announce that their Black Belt instructors were invited to the Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid, New York to lead a two-day training seminar for the Skeleton and Bobslead teams on December 2 and 3, 2010. The Kuk Sool Won instructors included 6th degree Head Master Gary Evarts, 5th degree Master Joseph Burnett and 2nd degree instructor Jason Lee.

During the seminar, the athletes displayed great dedication and perseverance. Kuk Sool Won’s instruction encompassed both physical training and mental discipline, and pushed the athletes to reflect on the heart they have to be true Olympic champions. Olympic coach and two-time National Champion Donald Hass and Operations Manager Jared Steenberge were both pleased and impressed with the seminar and the skills and mental tools demonstrated by the Kuk Sool Won martial arts team. The program was so well received by the coaching staff and athletes that they have invited Kuk Sool Won back for a second session in the spring at the end of the training season.

Coach Hass’s team had been pared down from nearly a thousand athletes to the core group that the Kuk Sool Won team had the honor of training. “These athletes are the future of U.S. Skeleton and Bobslead, and helping them reach towards the goal of being an Olympic Champion is the kind of thing most people just dream about,” said Master Evarts.

While at the Olympic Village, the Kuk Sool team shared the state-of-the-art training center with the athletes and stayed with them in the on-site dormitories. The Kuk Sool team also toured the Olympic venues (including the ski jumps) and observed the Skeleton and Bobsled team conducting their training runs on the combined bobsled, luge and skeleton track at the Olympic Sports Complex at Mt. Van Hovenberg.

Kuk Sool Instructors at Olympic Village Dining Hall

Back Row (left to right): Assistant Coach Matt Baily, NYS Olympic Regional Development Authority’s Manger of the Olympic Sports Complex Tony Carlino, Olympic Coach Don Hass. Front Row (left to right): Instructor Jason Lee, Master Gary Evarts, Master Joseph Burnett.

Instructors by Olympic Rings

Left to right: Head Master Gary Evarts, Operations Manager Jared Steenberge, Master Joseph Burnett and Instructor Jason Lee.

About Master Gary Evarts

Master Evarts has more than 35 years of martial arts experience and owns two Kuk Sool Won schools in the Rochester, NY area. He is a two-time World Champion in Weapons, Forms, and Self-Defense, and has been featured in numerous magazines, including the cover Tae Kwon Do Times. Master Evarts has trained over 150 black belts and works closely with New York State Troopers in fitness and self-defense programs. He is also an adjunct professor at Finger Lakes Community College, where he teaches defensive tactics.

About Kuk Sool Won

Kuk Sool Won is a comprehensive traditional Korean martial arts system. It is a positive, healthy activity that involves the pursuit of challenging goals through diligence and self-discipline. Kuk Sool training burns fat, builds muscle, increases energy, stretches tissues and joints and teaches students respect, confidence and self-defense techniques.Anyone interested in enhancing their athletic skills while developing mental focus and discipline should contact their local Kuk Sool Won School in Ontario (585-216-2122), Williamson (315-589-4066) or Wolcott (315-594-8991).

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